Monday, 30 January 2017

A Comment about criticism of Modi's demonetization step

My Comment on an article "Where are the fake notes? Even RBI doesn't know" published in the Dated 25/01/2017.

"I don't understand why people argue like this and criticize any good moves taken. What is the use of unnecessary criticism? Modi government might have used some excuse (which they probably suspected, if not cent percent accurate). It could be one of the many other probable causes for demonetization.

You should at least realize some benefit from the action of demonetization step taken by our PM. Search for the plus points of it and not for the minus points.

But, I am worried now that they are easing the position by releasing more money into the market. It is not good for any economy to circulate more money in hard cash.

We should switch over to a cashless society for our own benefits. At least you will think twice before anything using your card or e-wallet and thereby contribute to the growth." 

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