Sunday, 29 March 2015

A comment on Aam Admi Party's clash and what should take place

 My Comment on an article titled "All you want to know about AAP's clash" published in the Dated 28/03/2015 at 4 pm.

"Very minute differences between them. Most of the demands are acceptable to both factions of the AAP. 

So they need not defect and form new parties. 
And, as you see they have not been expelled from party membership. 

I hope they will be consulted in all major decisions even now. So, there should not be any other problems in their being united even now. 

Let us hope all will be settled and AAP will remain an ideal party even now and meet to the expectations of public who trust them."

A Comment on Aam Aadmi Party internal differences

Your comment on the article ''Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhushan sacked from AAP national executive'' is now displayed on Dated 28/03/2015 at 3:20 pm.

''Very sad happenings in AAP. They should have solved the problems through discussions.

But, it is difficult to point fingers at any of them without knowing full details and facts.

So, hope now at least, the party may be able to function normally and peacefully and be able to fulfil the promises made by Arvind Kejriwal.''

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A Comment on Risks of losing jobs in this MNC cultures

My Comment on an article "Are you in danger of getting the pink slip? Find out if your job is safe" published in the Dated 24/03/2015 at 10:40 pm. 

"Some realistic parameters are mentioned here by the author to self assess oneself regarding the probabilities of being shown pink cards by their management. 

Financial problems and governmental interference due to global economic slowdown are more powerful causes of job insecurities nowadays. 

Especially multi-national companies with foreign bases will give preference to their own native people due to governmental pressures and thereby other outsiders are at risk of losing jobs more than their own country staff. 

So to escape this situation, people should be more talented and smarter and occupy some important place in the eyes of management."

Friday, 13 March 2015

A Comment on a Bengalore techie killed in Sydney

My Comment on an article "Bengaluru techie waylaid, killed in Sydney" published in the timesof india Dated 09/03/2015.

"Very horrible! There is no change in the atmosphere even after so many tragic incidents. Frequent attacks and news of such incidents are there even after assurances by the governments.

There is so much good relation between our two countries in the sports field as two great world class cricket teams and presently the ICC World Cup is going on there with thousands of Indian fans gathered there. In the midst of these happy moments, such heinous acts are being committed by some unsocial elements making it a dreadful place for our citizens to think of Australia. Why they are so ill mentally?

I am very sorry for the deceased woman and at the sorrow and plight of her family members. May God rest her soul in peace and give strength to her husband and children in facing these worst moments."

A Comment on Masarat Alam's release

My Comment on an article "Masarat Alam's release: Opposition corners government............." published in TimesofIndia Dated 09/03/2015

"Releasing Masarat Alam has already been done. So, you can't change the situation now through shouts and thumping of the benches in parliament. What is to be done now should be the question presently.

The government can keep a close watch and vigilance on his movements and even prescribe some restrictions so that he may not mingle with criminals and terrorists. This is the only course left for us for the security of our country and especially that of Jammu and Kashmir.

A Comment on keeping live-in-relations

My Comment on a news article "Can't keep live-in relations outside the purview of rape: High Court" published in timesof india Dated 8/03/2015

"Why should the government and courts allow it at all - these live-in-relationships? 

They should not be allowed to live like that without marriage. It can not be justified for the good of society."

A Comment on Nagaland mob reaction at a rape incident

My Comment on an article "Nagaland mob lynching: police arrest 14 as situation remains tense in the region" published in the Dated 8/03/2015.

"This can be the mentality of people, when they feel that laws are not adequate to do justice to women. 

Take the case of the rapist in the Tihar Jail openly boasting before media that he and his mates have done right by raping the girl and killing her so brutally. He has no feeling of guilt at all. 

Our law is unable to change their mindsets nor prevent them from committing offences. How can our women get justice? How can they move freely on roads?"

Sunday, 8 March 2015

A Comment on Loud Noise triggering Alarm at White House

My Comment on a news "Loud noise sparks security alert at White House, triggers lock down" published in the Dated 07/03/2015 at 10:50 pm. 

"Alarming situation. 

But noise can be due to any reason. It need not be anti-social elements' work. 

Any abnormal movements by workers can also result in noise. 

So, reason and source of noise is to be found out before creating unnecessary tensions."

A Comment on Cracks within AAP and blame games

My Comment on an article "Cracks within AAP widen further, Mayank Gandhi says gag order completely wrong" published in the Dated 07/03/2015 at 10:40 pm.

"This is the game of politics. Politics is such a bad addiction that never allows anybody to remain honest and loyal. 

Our leaders should be aloof from politics and work as only representatives of people. 

This kind of internal differences suggest to the lust for power. One leader wanting to dominate the other so as to control decision making and gain absolute power. This is very bad of any political party. 

Some leaders are good in themselves. But circumstances do not allow them to be good."

A further Comment: (published same time)
"I hope AK will be learning from experiences and stand out as a good leader if his men allow him to do so."

Sunday, 1 March 2015

A Comment on some tax saving schemes in Budget 2015

My Comment on an article "Budget 2015: Are you richer or poorer? Here's the bottom line" published in Dated 01/03/2015 at 12:45 pm.

"Very great advice and guidelines here for saving yourself from tax burdens. 

How to save or minimize tax burden through health insurance for your self and your parents is explained with examples. 

Further you can invest in National Pension Schemes or LIC annuity plans. So, it is possible to escape tax even if your annual income is around Rs. 6.25 lacs."

A Comment on New Zealand entering Quarter finals by beating Australia in World Cup

My Comment on an article "World Cup 2015: New Zealand beat Australia in thriller, enter quarters" published in Dated 28/02/2015 at 11 pm.

"Congrats to New Zealand on their entry into  the World Cup 2015 Quarter finals by beating previous four time champions Australia in a very thrilling match.

Australia was all out in 32.2 overs making a very low score of 151 runs only. But, New Zealand was able to finish the target in 23.1 overs with a brilliant knock of 50 from 24 balls by skipper Brendon McCullum. Even a brilliant bowling of 6/28 in 9 overs by Australian pace bowler Mitchell Starc did not help Australia. So. It's been a very exciting game to watch."

A Comment on increased Service Tax and Cess in Budget 2015

My Comment on an article "Budget 2015: FM Jaitley proposes increasing service tax, education cess" published in the Dated 28/02/2015 at 10:50 pm.

"It may be okay to increase Service Tax and Education Cess, when these increases do not affect the life of common man. 

You may apply it on preferential basis to affect only on services not related to the lifestyle of common man. 

Health, courier, home affect the common man life. So they should be spared or applied according to the motives of the people utilizing these services or goods.".

A Comment on Budget 2015 and prices of commodities

 My Comment on an article "Budget 2015: What goes up, what comes down" published in Dated 28/02/2015 at 10:45 pm. 

"It is good to see that cigarette and tobacco product prices go up. Their prices should be doubled. 

Even alcohol products should also go doubled. Then only people may reduce the consumption of these bad things. 

But increase in prices of home should not take place. They should be decreased from current prices. Similarly prices of health and courier services and internet facilities should not be increased because they will affect common man's interests."
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