Sunday, 18 June 2017

A Comment on the need to submit 37 Returns of GST in a year

My Comment on an article "37 Returns instead of 13: One of the many challenges threatening GST rollout" published in the Dated 10/06/2017.

"The title of this article can drive away people from accepting GST. 

The author mentions that you need to submit 37 Returns of GST in a year. 

But, once you go through the details, you will come to know that only 3 Returns need to be submitted each month and one consolidated Return at the year end thus making the total to 37 returns in a year. 

This is not such a difficult job for any Accountant or Organisation. So, one should not worry at the figure of 37 Returns per year."

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Cigarette smoking not only kills but also bankrupts you

My Comment on an article "5 Cigarettes a day would cost you Rs 1 crore by the age 60" published in the Dated 31/05/2017 on the occasion of World NoTobacco Day.

"A good article that tries to create awareness among people. But, many of them do not simply want to accept it. They do not even try to quit smoking. 

Very hard to change the mentality of people once they become addicted to any bad habit. Such a person can only change on his own will and with his own determination."

Anybody interested to know how it costs Rupees 1 crore can read this full article at this LINK
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