Wednesday, 30 November 2016

A Comment on a nice option available to turn black money to white money through Amnesty scheme

My Comment on an article "How to avail amnesty scheme and turn Rs. One crore unaccounted cash into Rs.1.25 crore in 4 years" published in the Dated 29/11/2016.

"A nice article with some great advice to the hoarders of black of money. 

But, I could not understand the concept of added value. Is it the value added to our economy? 

You have already added the peace of mind and dignity value. So, there is no question of any additional value to be added to the person's wealth.

Then, it comes to Rs.1.05 crore value in all after 4 years. Even then, it is a better scheme for them than losing 85% as a penalty when caught red-handed. So, it is the best option available for black money holders."

Monday, 28 November 2016

A Comment on risks involved in moving towards cashless society

My Comment on an article "RSS wing to study Paytm ties with Alibaba" published in on Dated 28/11/2016.

"It is really a great risk factor. People should be more careful now as they are going to use e-wallets more regularly than ever before. Any slightest slip can cause a great damage. 

First of all, let the government confirm the authenticity and safety of these apps through a public notice to the people and guarantee against any loss incurred while using these apps. Then only we can subscribe to these apps and use them to bring a cashless society."

A Comment on Manmohan Singh and other opposition leaders criticising Modi on note ban

My Comment on an article " Is Modi proving Manmohan Singh right with a slew of U-turns on cash ban?" published in the dated 26/11/2016.

"Our PM, Modi's intentions are good in cleaning the economy from black money and corruption and in introducing a cashless society. 

But, to achieve any goal you have to exert strain. Hardships will be there till you reach the goal. But, you should remain determined and move forward through those hardships to reach the goal and achieve success.

So, Modi should not get disturbed by all those comments of his criticisers. He should move forward with his goal."

Monday, 14 November 2016

A Comment on Kejriwal's demand for roll back of demonetization of currency notes

My Comment on an article published in the titled "Arvind Kejriwal demands the rollback of demonetization" on 12/11/2016.

"The allegations made by Kejriwal are irrational and baseless. 

If Bank deposits increased, it has become white money already and taxmen will take care of it. 

Regarding purchase of Gold and foreign exchange, it will also come into the light in due course and the people are liable to account for it and pay taxes. 

It is a win-win situation for the government, either way. 

The brokers will also be got noticed as the Big Boss is watching them already."

Saturday, 12 November 2016

A Comment on no cash available at ATMs and long queues awaiting at others

My Comment on an article "Going to the ATM today or tomorrow is a bad idea. Read why" published in the Dated 11/11/2016.

"It is a reality. I was wondering how could they fill up the ATMs with new notes at such a short notice. Even they have not emptied the old notes from them and even not configured them with new denominations of notes to be dispensed by the machines.

The Reserve Bank should have thought and planned much earlier. 

We went to ATMs and returned back with most of them not open even till now. Out of the 6 ATMs in our proximity, only one ATM got cash today and it has a long queue since evening."

A Comment on PM Narendra Modi's bold step of declaring Rs.500, 1000 notes invalid

My Comment on an article "In an attempt to curb black money, PM Narendra Modi declares Rs.500, 1000 notes to be invalid with effect from midnight of 8/11/2016" published in Dated 9/11/2016.

"A bold decision was taken by our PM Narendra Modi. Now, the hoarders of cash have no way but to surrender their notes with Banks. 

I hope this step will definitely give some fruitful results in capturing the black money hoarders and thereby improve our economy. 

We should appreciate our PM's great decision and cooperate with him."

Friday, 4 November 2016

A Comment on PM Modi's proposal seeking public opinion on holding simultaneous polls

Your comment on the article ''PM Modi pushes for simultaneous polls, seeks public debate'' is now displayed on Dated 04/11/2016 at 11:30 am.

''It will be a good idea. I have been considering this thought since long. The entire country should go to polls simultaneously in a single session. Both for Assembly and for Lok Sabha also. This will be an ideal initiative. This will make the elections more realistic and no state will get influenced by the results of other state''s polls as the results will be declared simultaneously after completion of the entire election process throughout the country. Time of administration and polling cost will also get reduced and attention of political leaders and public will also be there on polls only for a few days. So they can not waste time unnecessarily for longer durations.''

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