Wednesday, 30 November 2016

A Comment on a nice option available to turn black money to white money through Amnesty scheme

My Comment on an article "How to avail amnesty scheme and turn Rs. One crore unaccounted cash into Rs.1.25 crore in 4 years" published in the Dated 29/11/2016.

"A nice article with some great advice to the hoarders of black of money. 

But, I could not understand the concept of added value. Is it the value added to our economy? 

You have already added the peace of mind and dignity value. So, there is no question of any additional value to be added to the person's wealth.

Then, it comes to Rs.1.05 crore value in all after 4 years. Even then, it is a better scheme for them than losing 85% as a penalty when caught red-handed. So, it is the best option available for black money holders."

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