Thursday, 1 December 2016

A Comment on playing of National Anthem before start of movies in theatres

My Comment on an article "National Anthem must be played in theatres before movies, orders Supreme Court" published in the Dated 30/11/2016. 

"It seems as if some order is passed for children in schools. 

Our citizens are more grown up people and know the importance and mostly respect our Flag and National Anthem and are patriotic of their country. This patriotism is visible in their each act. 

Then why this compulsion? And what is the point in playing the anthem before the start of a movie? It is not a public meeting expressing your solidarity or patriotism to the country. It is an entertainment hall for people to get some relief from the worries of daily tensions.

And, you must be aware that all people will not be present there punctually before a movie starts. Most of them arrive when it starts or even a few minutes after starting. So, the scenery will not be a pleasing one. Do you think it is good to see people moving around with noise and even in tension to reach their seats in the darkness while the national anthem is being played? Is it not a disgrace?

The national anthem used to be played at the end of movies or any other ceremonies. And, that was the wisest way to play the National Anthem and pay respect to your country. The theatre doors can be kept closed until the National Anthem is completed at the end of the movie."

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