Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Hurdles in PM Modi's push for cashless economy and how to tackle the issues

My Comment on an article "5 hurdles to PM Modi's push for cashless economy" published in the economictimes.com Dated 05/12/2016.

"Even though these figures reveal a gloomy picture, we should not get discouraged or depressed in achieving the goal of turning Indian economy into a cashless economy. If one million POS machines can be installed within next 5 months as per expectations of our PM (let us assume that we can expect on a safer side even one lakh machines each month), it will definitely ease the transactions and we can move forward. 

Public awareness creation is also very important in the mean time. All TV channels should launch awareness ads demonstrating the use of various apps available for making purchases and payments using the mobile phones or other computers. People should also go door to door in rural and semi-urban areas to reach the masses and make them aware of the usage of apps for making cashless transactions to meet out all their daily needs."

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