Tuesday, 26 April 2016

A Comment on the ban of women's entrance into Sabarimala Temple

My comment on the article ''How can you link periods to purity: SC on Sabarimala ban' published on timesofindia.com Dated 26/04/2016 at 11:20 am.

''I believe that women themselves will refrain from entering a temple while they are in the periods. There is no need for a complete ban. Banning the entire women from entering the temple because of some who might be in periods is not a wise decision. It is an insult to all the women. Further, by doing so, you are encroaching upon their fundamental rights of their right to worship and right to freedom.''

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
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Saturday, 16 April 2016

A Comment on renaming of Gurgaon as Gurugram

My Comment on an article "Renaming Gurgaon as Gurugram indicates rustic imagination of Millennium City's political masters" published on economictimes.com Dated 15/04/2016.

"People (especially politicians) waste much of their time in changing names of streets and cities rather than concentrating on developmental projects. 

They think (or try to impress some of their people) that they are more patriotic than their predecessors by indulging in such activities.

But what they are doing is actually creating hatred and tension among people and disturb the normal life of public."

A Comment on making best use of your Bonus

My Comment on an article "7 ways to make the most of your bonus this year" published in the economictimes.com Dated 15/04/2016.

"Very useful advice. The author has explained in this article how to make the best use of your bonus so that you can benefit a lot from it.

The first thing to consider is to pay off some of your debts that do not save your tax or that which attract higher interest rates and so a burden on you.

The next advice is to benefit from the new tax break given in section 80CCD (1b) which allows additional deduction of Rs.50,000 invested in NPS which is in addition to the existing limit of 1.50 lacs under all clauses of section 80C.

Then, she advises you to increase your investments in Equities, to consider investing in Sukanya Samridhi, to consider buying a home with a home loan, and some other smart options."

All these tips are worthy of giving deep some consideration.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

A Comment on Kerala temple firecrackers tragedy

My Comment on an article "Kerala temple tragedy: Tremors felt a kilometre away; charred bodies all over" published in the economictimes.com Dated 10/04/2016 at 3:15 pm.

"Very much shocking news. May the departed souls RIP.

The last day of the 7 day festivities at a 100 year old temple (Puttingal Devi temple) near Kollam in Kerala state turned into a devastating fire and explosions, resulting in loss of lives at the early hours of 10/04/2016.

Why people enjoy such massive display of firecrackers? It is a sheer waste of money and a much risky job.

The temple was celebrating the final day of festival with massive firecrackers and the storage of crackers caught fire according to reports which blew up the temple and surrounding areas."

A Comment on revelations of another scam leaked through Panama Papers

My Comment on an article "Who leaked Panama papers and why?" published on economictimes.com Dated 09/04/2016 at 2:40 pm.

"It is a great job done, whoever has done. 

And done for no monetary gain or any returns except security to his identity. That shows how much he is worried for the economic plight of the world. 

Indulging in illicit acts of graft, stash for escaping or minimising tax liability are severe human crimes which should be brought under control. These are anti-social elements as the tax otherwise collected could have been utilised for various economic development programs." 

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

A Comment on new decreased interest rates being applied by SBI and BOB

My Comment on an article "SBI and Bank of Baroda take lead in lowering lending rates based on new formula" published in the economictimes.com Dated 06/04/2016 at 12:10 pm.

"It is a good news that RBI has succeeded in compelling Banks to bring down their lending rates on the basis of Marginal Cost Lending Rate system (MCLR). 

So, Banks will be now charging their rates quarterly applying MCLR calculations. The interest may be either decreasing or increasing quarterly according to their operational costs and market rates. 

Even though existing home loan lenders may not get quarterly benefits as their rates will be fixed on yearly basis, they are now protected from any mid-year increase in rates also. They will not be charged higher rate if the rate increases in any quarter. Their rates will be determined yearly and continue throughout the year. 

Only fresh lenders will get the current rates applied to their loans and their rates will also get fixed for one full year at prevailing rates on that particular day of sanctioning loan. 

This is a kind of safe protection against any abrupt changes in the interest rates of each quarter. The present home loan rate charged by SBI for women is 9.40% and for men it is 9.45% as mentioned in above article which is much reasonable as compared to previous rates which used to be more than 10%."
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