Monday, 26 December 2016

A Comment on Modi announcing lucky prizes to people adapting to digitalization

My Comment on an article "From tomorrow, Modi plays Santa in Kaun Banega Crorepati Scheme" published in the Dated 24/12/2016.

"This is a very good initiative being taken by our PM, Narendra Modi to allure people towards digitalisation. This move should promote wider awareness towards the digitalisation among people. 

The public should adapt to new technologies of making transactions instead of clinging to the same old methods of paying in hard cash. Voluminous cash transactions lead to corruption and creation of black money. Further, they should refrain from paying bribes to middlemen in their transactions. " 

When some reader commented that it will not promote awareness, I again replied as follows:

"Why not? Don't you take part in contests and quizzes? Many people love such things and try to check their luck in winning prizes."

Friday, 23 December 2016

A Comment that Modi should not be blamed for the present crisis after demonetization

My Comment on an article "Varanasi shows how Modi's demonetization gamble has broken the back of India's $1- trillion hidden economy" published in the Dated 22/12/2016.

" The author seems to attack the move of Modi by showcasing how the silk industry of Varanasi got affected severely due to demonetization of currency notes. 

Even though the author tells us here that the actual labor in the unorganized sector of the silk industry did not receive their due share of their skills because of the bribes and commissions they had to incur at every change of hands of their produce, he is not focusing his attack at the underground malpractices of the corrupt people and system. Instead, it seems he is entirely blaming the demonetization of notes to be the root cause of the collapse of the economy.

The present situation would not have arisen if people were honest. It is due to this dishonesty and corrupt practices that we are suffering now. No one should blame Modi for this situation. It is our own creation that we are suffering now." 

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

A Comment on why the Demonetization move did not yield fruitful results

My Comment on an article "View: Demonetisation and digital transactions will never stop corruption in India. Here's why" published in the Dated 21/12/2016 at 12:20 pm.

"The author of this article pointed out the lack of foresight and the inefficiency of concerned authorities in transforming the aim of demonetization into a successful project. 

He clearly indicates here that mere demonetization can't end black money or the corrupt practices of the officials who daily involve in corrupt practices. 

There should be some more strict measures to be taken by our PM, Narendra Modi, and the government to make the vision of eradication of corruption and the Digitalisation of India a successful project by locating the culprits and punishing them severely." 

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

A Comment on Media and people discouraging public from going on-line

"Don't heed to people discouraging you".

My Comment on a slide show which tries to distract and discourage people regarding the after effects of demonetization. Post titled "Think going cashless is good for you? Here's why it is not - Drawbacks of digitalisation" published in the Dated 19/12/2016 at 5:20 pm.

"This author is trying to distract people by inculcating unnecessary fears. People should not heed to such discouraging posts. But, you should keep always alert while doing your transactions. 

The best method to use is to open your savings account with any bank and get an ATM card. You can do all your transactions using that ATM card. No need for mobiles or smartphones. Cheer up yourselves." 

Think going cashless is good for you? Here's why not

Think going cashless is good for you? Here'sDrawbacks of digital transactions The author is trying to distract people by inculcating unnecessary fears. People should not heed to such discouraging posts. But, keep always alert while doing your transactions. The best method to use is to open your savings account with any bank and get an ATM card. You can do all your transactions using that ATM card. No need for mobiles or smartphones. Cheer up yourselves. 

Friday, 9 December 2016

A Comment on roping in Nandan Nilekani for development of apps for cashless transactions

My Comment on an article "Nandan Nilekani joins battle to map India's post-cash future" published in the Dated 08/12/2016.

"It is good to know that Nilekani has been roped in to help solve the problems faced in creating a cashless Indian. 

But, whatever they do, I would like to say that they should develop one single common app for all transactions throughout India, whether it is a village or a city. 

Perhaps either Paytm or UPI will be the better options available right now to meet all the requirements of public transactions. Or any new app may also be developed. But, let it be one single common app for all people of India." 

A Comment on President Pranab Mukherjee's anguish at behaviour of our parliamentarians

My comment on an article "For God's sake do your job: President Pranab Mukherjee loses it on MPs stalling Parliament" published in the Dated 08/12/2016. 

"An apt and needy message delivered by our President to our parliamentarians with a severe note.

It is very horrible to note that no business has been transacted during this winter session of the Parliament. 

Our system has become like a herd of indisciplined people. They don't care for the development of their constituencies and always engage in wasting hours and even days of time in disrupting the proceedings of the houses. Do they know how much loss they are generating with their irresponsibility towards job? 

It results in a last minute hasty decisions taken and passing of the bills without proper analysis and discussions held resulting in failures of projects and implementations."

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

A Comment on the after-effects of demonetization and tests ahead for PM Modi

My Comment on an article "For Narendra Modi, test lies in stage three of notebandi" published in the Dated 05/12/2016.

"The author of this article is arguing very reasonably and trying to point out the possibilities and problems ahead in near future.

According to him, there are 3 stages after demonetization. 

We crossed the first stage of people supporting Narendra Modi in spite of the short-term troubles faced by them.

Now, we are in the second stage where we are threatened by economic dislocations, projected fall in GDP up to Rs. 1,50,000 crore, and may be facing a mini-recession period. This may turn the public against him.

The third stage will be when Modi's government puts some of the funds generated through declared black money and through undeposited demonetised currencies into the accounts of Jandhan Yojana account holders if everything goes according to estimates. This may again turn the public in his favor and support him. 

But, let us hope for the best and try to support Modi with full cooperation as he is fighting for a common cause of the masses of our country. If possible, pray to God that he should succeed in his mission." 

Hurdles in PM Modi's push for cashless economy and how to tackle the issues

My Comment on an article "5 hurdles to PM Modi's push for cashless economy" published in the Dated 05/12/2016.

"Even though these figures reveal a gloomy picture, we should not get discouraged or depressed in achieving the goal of turning Indian economy into a cashless economy. If one million POS machines can be installed within next 5 months as per expectations of our PM (let us assume that we can expect on a safer side even one lakh machines each month), it will definitely ease the transactions and we can move forward. 

Public awareness creation is also very important in the mean time. All TV channels should launch awareness ads demonstrating the use of various apps available for making purchases and payments using the mobile phones or other computers. People should also go door to door in rural and semi-urban areas to reach the masses and make them aware of the usage of apps for making cashless transactions to meet out all their daily needs."

Monday, 5 December 2016

A Comment on Retailers still accepting old Demonetized Notes

My Comment on an article "Demonetisation: Retailers at popular shopping hubs still accepting old currency" published in Dated 01/12/2016.

"It is for the benefit of the business to accept the old notes from their customers. It also serves as a good gesture to them in keeping their good relations in order to run their business uninterruptedly. 

There is no need to worry, I hope, as they can deposit the old notes into their accounts up to 30th December 2016. Further, it is not a black money to them as they are earning it through their white business."

Thursday, 1 December 2016

A Comment on mobs locking up Bankers due to non-availability of cash

My Comment on an article "Demonetisation: Mobs lock up Bankers as payday turns pain day for India" published in the Dated 30/11/2016.

"A suitable alternative app (e-wallet) should be designed to suit all types of people like the common man, the daily wage earner, the vegetable vendor, pan shop and every low-level category of people. 

People should be able to pay everything through this type of app and each vendor should have that app for receiving the payments, even the smallest payments of Rs.10 or Rs. 5 also. Then only this problem can be solved."

A Comment on playing of National Anthem before start of movies in theatres

My Comment on an article "National Anthem must be played in theatres before movies, orders Supreme Court" published in the Dated 30/11/2016. 

"It seems as if some order is passed for children in schools. 

Our citizens are more grown up people and know the importance and mostly respect our Flag and National Anthem and are patriotic of their country. This patriotism is visible in their each act. 

Then why this compulsion? And what is the point in playing the anthem before the start of a movie? It is not a public meeting expressing your solidarity or patriotism to the country. It is an entertainment hall for people to get some relief from the worries of daily tensions.

And, you must be aware that all people will not be present there punctually before a movie starts. Most of them arrive when it starts or even a few minutes after starting. So, the scenery will not be a pleasing one. Do you think it is good to see people moving around with noise and even in tension to reach their seats in the darkness while the national anthem is being played? Is it not a disgrace?

The national anthem used to be played at the end of movies or any other ceremonies. And, that was the wisest way to play the National Anthem and pay respect to your country. The theatre doors can be kept closed until the National Anthem is completed at the end of the movie."
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