Friday, 23 December 2016

A Comment that Modi should not be blamed for the present crisis after demonetization

My Comment on an article "Varanasi shows how Modi's demonetization gamble has broken the back of India's $1- trillion hidden economy" published in the Dated 22/12/2016.

" The author seems to attack the move of Modi by showcasing how the silk industry of Varanasi got affected severely due to demonetization of currency notes. 

Even though the author tells us here that the actual labor in the unorganized sector of the silk industry did not receive their due share of their skills because of the bribes and commissions they had to incur at every change of hands of their produce, he is not focusing his attack at the underground malpractices of the corrupt people and system. Instead, it seems he is entirely blaming the demonetization of notes to be the root cause of the collapse of the economy.

The present situation would not have arisen if people were honest. It is due to this dishonesty and corrupt practices that we are suffering now. No one should blame Modi for this situation. It is our own creation that we are suffering now." 

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