Sunday, 30 July 2017

A Comment on Withdrawing of the higher value 2000 Rupee Notes

My Comment on an article "There are signs of another currency ban coming" published in the Dated 26/07/2017.

"If they are banning the "Two thousand Rupee" currency note in the coming days, it can be a great achievement. This will be a good step towards controlling the black money formation and speculative transactions in cash. 

Even for the simple reason of curtailing the bigger cash transactions which are being done even now. I recommended it from the beginning itself to not bring these higher value notes of Rs2000 or Rs1000 in the market." 

A Comment on the ouster of Nawaz Sharif from Pakistan PM post

My Comment on a news item "Here's how Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif's ouster will impact India"  published in the Dated 28/07/2017.

"It doesn't matter much in my view. The military always remained the commanding power in Pakistan which directs the government. So, nothing worse may happen. It will remain the same to India.

Some are of the hope that if his brother is appointed as the next PM, the things may change. But, not hopeful of any solution."

Friday, 14 July 2017

A Comment on Present Offers of Jio mobile Data and Voice plans.

My Comment on an article "Reliance Jio Raises Rates......." published in the Dated 11/07/2017.

"So, one needs to recharge for Rs.399 to get the 84 days validity with 1 GB per day for 28 days in a month under the prepaid or post paid plans.

The previous offer prices of Rs309 and Rs349 have been restricted to only 56 days validity period."

You can view the full details of it at this Link.

Monday, 10 July 2017

A Comment regarding revision of HRA as per 7th pay commission

My Comment on a news article titled "Seventh Pay Commission notified: Minimum HRA fixed for different city categories" published in the Dated 07/07/2017.

The HRA suggested may not meet at least 50% of the actual rent being paid by the employees. So, it is a gross injustice.

The minimum HRA limit fixed by the government for Metro, A Class and B class cities are respectively Rs.5,400, Rs.3,600 and Rs.2,400 per month whereas the actual minimum rent incurred by the employees can be at least Rs.10,000 in metro cities and Rs.5,000 or more in cities. So, it amounts to roughly 50% only that they will be getting as HRA.

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