Saturday, 10 February 2018

Our Media and People Ignoring Achievements of Women Players

My comments regarding showing partiality by media while covering sports events with breaking news or through headlines in the Newspapers.

"Smriti Mandhana's magnificent scores and Jhulan Goswami's performance in the second test against South Africa were not highlighted at par with our male team Virat Kohli and spin bowlers- Yazuvendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav - performances. This is an utter show of partiality and prejudice towards the importance of men over women."

This one is my reply to one more commenter who showed an equal concern like me at the not spotlighting of women team's achievements by media people at an article titled "Indian women eye 3-0 whitewash of South Africa" published in the Times of India dated 09/02/2018.

"Very true. They talk of the equality of Women at par with Men. But, in practice, there is always this attitude of not giving importance to women." 

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

A Comment on Government Celebrating on Liquor Sales

I just read a news in the Deccan Chronicle Hyderabad Edition Dated 02/01/2018 titled "TS gives a spirited welcome to the New Year and How".

What a pity!!! And, how ironic it is!

It is like celebrating on the ruins of the human lives. Imagine how many families must have been undergoing the bad consequences of this alcoholism habit of their members. Think of their sufferings and tortures, both physical and mental, that they might be facing every day.

I don't understand why the governments are not banning all these bad habits of tobacco and liquor consumptions. They should entirely ban the production and sale of such vulgar things.

I pray God that he be kind to this humankind.

Friday, 1 December 2017

A Comment on MBA Freshers Being Unable to get Good Jobs

My Comment on an article titled "India's MBA crisis: Why fresh graduates are not getting jobs?" published in the Dated 26/11/2017

"The MBAs lack practical knowledge in most of the fields and thereby unable to manage things with responsibility. Even some of them do not like to give respect to older staff who are independently capable of doing the whole work by themselves. It becomes very embarrassing to work as a team in such cases resulting in failures.

It has been my personal experience when I was working in UP Cement Corporation where MBA freshers were appointed as Accounts and Sales Managers who could not reply to questions at Executive meetings and I had to accompany them wherever meetings were held to answer things."

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

A Comment on Reliance Jio 100% cashback offer with Rs.399 recharge

My Comment on an article "Reliance Jio offers 100% cashback on Rs.399 recharge this Diwali; new telecom tariff war begins" published in the recently.

"It is a very good opportunity for the public to enjoy unlimited data and call charges for a continuous period of 84 days by recharging with only a sum of Rs.399 before 18th October 2017. 

The unending competition between the telecom service providers can further slash the prices. 

Jio's offer for existing customers, who recharge with this cashback offer now, will be applicable after the expiry of their current existing (balance) recharged period." 

Sunday, 30 July 2017

A Comment on Withdrawing of the higher value 2000 Rupee Notes

My Comment on an article "There are signs of another currency ban coming" published in the Dated 26/07/2017.

"If they are banning the "Two thousand Rupee" currency note in the coming days, it can be a great achievement. This will be a good step towards controlling the black money formation and speculative transactions in cash. 

Even for the simple reason of curtailing the bigger cash transactions which are being done even now. I recommended it from the beginning itself to not bring these higher value notes of Rs2000 or Rs1000 in the market." 

A Comment on the ouster of Nawaz Sharif from Pakistan PM post

My Comment on a news item "Here's how Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif's ouster will impact India"  published in the Dated 28/07/2017.

"It doesn't matter much in my view. The military always remained the commanding power in Pakistan which directs the government. So, nothing worse may happen. It will remain the same to India.

Some are of the hope that if his brother is appointed as the next PM, the things may change. But, not hopeful of any solution."

Friday, 14 July 2017

A Comment on Present Offers of Jio mobile Data and Voice plans.

My Comment on an article "Reliance Jio Raises Rates......." published in the Dated 11/07/2017.

"So, one needs to recharge for Rs.399 to get the 84 days validity with 1 GB per day for 28 days in a month under the prepaid or post paid plans.

The previous offer prices of Rs309 and Rs349 have been restricted to only 56 days validity period."

You can view the full details of it at this Link.

Monday, 10 July 2017

A Comment regarding revision of HRA as per 7th pay commission

My Comment on a news article titled "Seventh Pay Commission notified: Minimum HRA fixed for different city categories" published in the Dated 07/07/2017.

The HRA suggested may not meet at least 50% of the actual rent being paid by the employees. So, it is a gross injustice.

The minimum HRA limit fixed by the government for Metro, A Class and B class cities are respectively Rs.5,400, Rs.3,600 and Rs.2,400 per month whereas the actual minimum rent incurred by the employees can be at least Rs.10,000 in metro cities and Rs.5,000 or more in cities. So, it amounts to roughly 50% only that they will be getting as HRA.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

A Comment on the need to submit 37 Returns of GST in a year

My Comment on an article "37 Returns instead of 13: One of the many challenges threatening GST rollout" published in the Dated 10/06/2017.

"The title of this article can drive away people from accepting GST. 

The author mentions that you need to submit 37 Returns of GST in a year. 

But, once you go through the details, you will come to know that only 3 Returns need to be submitted each month and one consolidated Return at the year end thus making the total to 37 returns in a year. 

This is not such a difficult job for any Accountant or Organisation. So, one should not worry at the figure of 37 Returns per year."

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Cigarette smoking not only kills but also bankrupts you

My Comment on an article "5 Cigarettes a day would cost you Rs 1 crore by the age 60" published in the Dated 31/05/2017 on the occasion of World NoTobacco Day.

"A good article that tries to create awareness among people. But, many of them do not simply want to accept it. They do not even try to quit smoking. 

Very hard to change the mentality of people once they become addicted to any bad habit. Such a person can only change on his own will and with his own determination."

Anybody interested to know how it costs Rupees 1 crore can read this full article at this LINK
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