Friday, 9 November 2018

A Comment on Governments Erecting Expensive Statues

My Comment on an article published in the on 7/11/2018 titled "UP government planning over 202-meter Ram statue structure in Ayodhya?". 

"Please don't invest government revenue on the erection of statues. They should be constructed only through donations received from public and businessmen. 

Government revenues are only meant for running the administration and for the developmental works in the welfare of the public.

I do not think that erection of such high altitude statues does promote the public welfare in any sense. So, it is a misuse of funds.

Crores of Rupees get spent over these unnecessary things. We can respect our leaders and Gods even without those statues."

Thursday, 8 November 2018

A Comment on the Tussle Between Government and Reserve Bank of India

My Comment on the ongoing rift between the co-ordination of the approaches being followed by RBI and the Government. 

"The Government and the Central Bank need to keep aside their differences and work for the betterment of the country's economy.

No one is superior or inferior to the other. 

Both are just like the two wheels of the same vehicle. If one goes astray, the whole vehicle will collapse. 

So, do not indulge in actions that may collapse our economy."

Sunday, 30 September 2018

A Comment on School Bandh Call by Telangana School Management Association

My Comment on an article "School Bandh Call Cripples Hyderabad Classrooms" published in the dated 29/08/2018.

"The demands of the Telangana School Management Association seem to be genuine.

The demands were Rs.30,000 financial aid to each student; Health cards and 2BHK apartments to the teachers working in private schools that are very genuine and reasonable looking at the condition of those schools.

But, the financial aid of 30,000 to each student should be monitored honestly so that it reaches the student."

A Comment on Supreme Court Judgement - Adultery is Not a Crime

My Comment on an article published in the Dated 27/09/2018.

"I do not understand the argument that "subordination of any of the sex over the other denies the fundamental right of equality".

Where does subordination come from in this case? (It assumes that both the sex are at liberty to indulge freely in these type of acts.)

Adultery is an evil act in itself. It breaks the faith of a person in another person. It leads to vice practices. It should not be allowed either by women or men.

If the law is removed, more people can publicly involve in adultery and the society will become immoral entirely. 

God save the people."

A Comment on Increase of Customs Duty on Electronic and Jewelry Items

My Comment on the recent increase of Customs Duty on certain items in reply to an article "Government hikes Import Duty on 19 items to curb widening CAD" published in the Dated 27/09/2018.

"I don't know that most of these electric, electronic and Jewellery items are coming from abroad. 

Why, are we deficient in the production of these goods? It is good to prohibit imports. We should promote our own Made in India goods.

But, do not scare the public with unnecessary propaganda nor try to increase the prices with this excuse."

Monday, 24 September 2018

A Comment on Misuse of Media By Politicians and Others

My comment on the article 'Treat one-sided laudatory news reports as paid news: EC to SC published in the on 23/09/2018.

"It's a very good observation made by the Election Commission and the Supreme Court. 

I was already pointing to this type of practice that is being involved in by the politicians and the media. Now the EC and the courts have also come forward with the same opinions. 

There should be some strict control over these kinds of malicious acts through legal actions."

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Media Misused for Government Publicity and Other Product Marketings

Nowadays, I am seeing much publicity and advertisements in newspapers with full-length advertisements on the front pages. (they go for continuous 3 or 4 pages sometimes.

For example, you may see the Deccan Chronicle, Hyderabad Edition Dated 26/05/2018. The first three pages are very irrelevant. Two with Electronic products and One with Government's achievements in last 4 years.

This is not the first time or a rare case.  They often come like that. You can often find them at weekends and on festive occasions or at other government celebrations.

I am a subscriber to the Deccan Chronicle and do not know about others.

But, I believe that newspapers are meant for reading the news and knowing about the latest developments taking place all over the world.

This kind of enforcement on people to look at that publicity braggings by Governments, either the state government or the central government, is very unwarranted and embarrassing. It frustrates the readers.

What for all this is going on?

Do these governments hope that people are unaware of their achievements (and failures)?

Why do they post those giant publicity posts?

Are they Doubtful of their Performances?

As for me, I do not like all these things.

Even those full-page advertisements by Electronics and Furniture Companies who try to lure public with various offers.

They make the readers very inconvenient in reading the newspaper.

I want the breaking news on my front page. Not all this fuss from these Governments or the Marketing people.

Newspaper Publishers should refrain from such practices and try to present the newspaper in a beautiful, comfortable manner.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Government of India and Reserve Bank of India - Stop Printing More Currency

Here is one more blunder being committed by our Government and RBI.

 See this Headlines in the article Dated 06/05/2018.
"500 Rupee notes worth Rs.3000 crore printed daily..."

This is my comment:-

"So, our Finance Minister and RBI want to increase inflation by going on printing the notes.

Why not callback all those 2000 notes, if you want to induct smaller denomination notes?"

Why don't the administration refrain from printing notes like this?

They canvassed for Cashless Transactions while introducing the denomination of Big Currencies only a year back. Now, they are afraid of voters and doing all these irrational things to gain their votes in the ensuing elections. Probably they want cash for their own self-interest also.

But, they are not worried about the bad consequences of going on increasing cash in the hands of people which can lead to corruption and unsocial activities.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

A Comment on the Need for Including Ancient Indian Traditions in our Education System

My Comment on an article "Include Ancient Indian Traditions in the education system: says Dalai Lama" published in the Times of India dated 23/04/2018.

"A very important and needy suggestion made by Dalai Lama, the great Tibetan Spiritual leader. This should be implemented immediately without failure.

Our children and the younger generation are going out the touch of our culture and heritage due to the convent education system being imparted to them since their childhood itself. That way, we may lose the entire heritage and culture someday in the nearby future.

So, it has become a necessity now to provide them the awareness of their ancient traditions, culture, and heritage by imparting some basic guidance to them about our religious rituals and the spiritual knowledge through the teachings from Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharat, Ramayana, etc.'

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Curtail Your Cash Transactions | Switch-Over to Digital Mode

It is mentioned in a recent news article titled "ATMs across the country go dry" published on Dated 18/04/2018 that there is a high demand for currency ranging between 40k to 45k crores per month nowadays in the country as against a supply of 20k crores.

The data indicates that the total currency available in public circulation during the month of March 2018 is estimated at 17.50 lac crores of rupees which is too much.

ATM withdrawals made during January 2018 Rs. 41,102 crores and during February 2018 Rs. 37,126 crores. The latest figures were not mentioned in the above article.

So, this shows that people have not switched over to the digital mode yet. Why it is so?

Involving in cash transactions creates black money and leads to inflation also. It is only a blow to our economy.

If we want a sound, healthy economy we must switch over to digital transactions. Make all your purchases through your ATM cards without drawing the cash.

Your cash transactions should be limited to minimum daily requirements like milk, vegetables, laundry payments, saloon payments, etc.

Don't force the RBI to indulge in printing notes which is an additional burden to the economy as crores of rupees are wasting in printing the currency notes.
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