Thursday, 27 April 2017

A Comment on Techie jobs losing their importance

My Comment on an article "Why being a techie in India is no longer cool" published in the Dated 22/04/2017 at 3:30 pm.

"It is really a serious issue now which needs to be given much attention.

Indian IT industry should find alternative means and solutions to meet the challenges.

Instead of laying off the staff, they should concentrate on expanding their business activities within the country through innovating ideas and new schemes to utilize the available technology and staff. Our country has much more scope because of the large market base that it possesses.

We should block importing goods and technology and get them produced here in India itself. Our PM should look at it as he is already promoting the "Make in India" campaign offering some lucrative incentives."

Saturday, 22 April 2017

A Comment on Countries tightening Immigration policies

My Comment on an article "Malcolm Turnbull tightens Australian citizenship rules, makes immigration next to impossible" published in the Dated 21/04/2017 at 5:30 pm.

"Quite a reasonable step being taken by the Australian PM. 

Any country should give first priority to their own dignity and cultural values besides protecting their workforce. 

So, anybody that wants to immigrate should respect and follow their cultural practices by adhering to their rules and laws so as to enjoy that country's citizenship. He cannot demand citizenship spontaneously."

Saturday, 18 March 2017

A Comment on allowing PF members draw 90% fund to buy Home

My Comment on an article "You may soon be able to withdraw 90% of your EPF money to buy your Dream Home" published in the Dated 15/03/2017.

"But what about the case where there is no such cooperative society formed? He will be deprived of this facility to buy his home as he can't pay the down payment. 

People always lack funds to meet the down payment for buying their new homes. So, PF is the only reserve that they can rely on to meet this burden. The rest of the amount is facilitated through housing loans.

All residential projects may not be having these cooperative societies to enable one become a member of it and then apply for his PF withdrawal. So, how can they avail this facility of drawing 90% of funds if they get excluded by this clause of 90% withdrawal of PF being allowed only to members of societies?"

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

A Comment on Tension in Indo-US ties due to H-1B visas

My Comment on an article "H-1B visas could be a source of tension in Indo-US ties: former US Diplomat" published in the Dated 13/03/2017.

"True. The concerned people should look at the reality of this issue rather than just indulging in undue suspicions and misunderstandings of the reality and the underlying problems causing job losses to their community (at the cost of foreigners as they see it). 

I believe the American professional are also very much skilled and sincere in their work and so should find peaceful and other smart ways of securing top jobs and retaining their positions. 

Suspicion leads to dislike and hate. Love and understanding lead to nobility, hospitality, and perfection." 

Saturday, 4 March 2017

A Comment on levying of heavy charges on frequent cash transactions

My Comment on an article "Banks to levy Rs 150 after four cash transactions" published in the Dated 04/03/2017.

"It may not affect the common man as he will not need more than 4 transactions. But, business people will be burdened and so a good move by the Banks and government to curb their activities. 

You need to make only one or two cash transactions in a month. They are giving you more chances. 

Why not make card payments, cheque payments or mobile app payments? Try to learn things and manage new methods of payment. 

Our PM expects only this from you and he is not punishing you. See the good motive behind it and adapt yourself.

I am 65, but learning and doing all these things. Even age is no bar." 

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

A Comment on shootings at Kansas and similar Hate Crimes

My Comment on an article "Killing of Telangana man in US bar shocks family" published in the Dated 25/02/2017.

"Very sad to see such things happening all around, not only in the US but also in Canada, Australia, and elsewhere. 

Some people are slaves to their feelings and are always overpowered by hate, jealousy and ill feelings towards others. 

When will they learn to love and allow others to live their lives?" 

Sunday, 26 February 2017

A comment on the allegation that most IT employees are not trainable

My Comment on an article "Capgemini India chief says 65% of IT employees not trainable" published in the Dated 25/02/2017.

"May be true in many cases but it should not be generalized. 

There are still many employees who are ready to improve their knowledge and skills and be innovative always. 

The management and the sectional heads should identify them and provide proper support to them. It is due to lack of support and due to the mentality of some of the staff and seniors that these people are becoming indifferent. They see no future by improving skills under such circumstances."

A Comment on the procedure of dispensing notes from ATMs

My Comment on an article "Govt. has no plan to reintroduce Rs 1,000 notes: Economics Affair Secretary" published in the Dated 24/02/2017.

"It's okay. There is no need for Rs 1,000 notes. 

But, monitor sufficient supply of the Rs 500 notes along with the Rs 2,000 currency. If a person wants to draw Rs 10,000 from an ATM, he should be provided some 500 notes also along with the 2,000 notes (say 4 Rs 2,000 notes and 4 Rs 500 notes). 

Presently, in most cases, we are getting only Rs 2,000 notes if we draw Rs 10,000 or Rs. 8,000 at one time. I am told to enter Rs 9,500 or Rs 7,500 if I have to get Rs 500 notes also."

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

A Comment on the offer of Free voice calls and Data to Jio members for one entire year

My Comment on an article "Mukesh Ambani: Free voice calls across networks for Jio users" published in the Dated 22/02/2017.

" This is a very Good news for all Jio users who recently got registered with Jio membership. All newly registered members are already getting 2GB data free. Now, they will be able to enjoy unlimited voice calls and data for one entire year up to 31st March 2018. This is a very wonderful offer by Mukesh Ambani, though it is aimed at surpassing its competitors in the industry.

But, one thing is not clear to me. I am unable to understand the point at serial no. 11 of this article which says that Jio prime members can get this at an introductory price of only Rs 303/month. If they need to pay, where is the free benefit?"

Saturday, 18 February 2017

A Comment on possible competition between Space X and ISRO teams

My Comment on an article "ISRO's rocket feat: Space X founder Elon Musk tweets praise and challenge" published in the Dated 17/02/2017.

"True, there will be competition in every field. One should keep on researching and innovating all through his life to succeed. 

There is always something new in each field of technology and, daily, you will be confronting some new people sprouting up with new skills and innovations. You need to keep pace with the fast growing technology to survive yourself.

But, our ISRO people are doing much better and let us keep faith and keep on encouraging them. They will definitely outshine others with their talents and rejuvenated confidence."
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