Friday, 16 October 2015

A Comment on spiralling prices of yellow pigeon peas and other lentils (toor dal, urad dal)

My Comment on an article "Tur dal touches Rs 200/kg in wholesale; may stay pricey till Diwali" published in the Dated 15/10/2015 at 10:50 pm. 

"Instead of spending so much money on imports, our government should offer the money as incentives to farmers growing pulses. 

We have so much large areas of land fit for cultivation and if we utilise most of it efficiently through proper planning, we can be self sufficient in all food grains and pulses. 

Presently, the production of pulses is a meagre 17 million tonnes whereas the demand is 27 million tonnes. So this gap is utilised as an advantage by hoarders and black marketeers. Naturally, the people will be willing to part more money to buy these essential commodities and prices will keep going up. 

Our governments should do something to keep the production enough by offering incentives to farmers, instead of looking for imports as an option, so that the farmers feel satisfied that their efforts will give fruitful results.

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