Thursday, 3 December 2015

A Comment on Chennai rains and floods

My Comment on an article "Chennai rains: City turns island; road, rail, airlinks disrupted" published in the Dated 02/12/2015 at 10:45 pm. 

"Too much frightening atmosphere in Chennai. Rains have created a scary situation disturbing the lives of people. 

This kind of worst situation has never been witnessed since many decades in Chennai. It has become an island completely cut off from approach by even rescue providers. 

It has been more than one week since the Tamilians Diwali festival (Karthika pournami day) it is continuing like this. Added to that the devastating severe floods caused by the release of waters from canals and reservoirs due to incessant heavy rain on 01/12/2015 flooding the city completely.

Very sorry situation for the people of Chennai city and other neighbourhood places. May God help them in their distress. All those helping them either through social media or personally need to be appreciated and blessed with good wishes."

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