Saturday, 14 May 2016

A comment on Infosys outperforming Cognizant

My Comment on an article "Sikka's Infosys looks set to outdo D'Souza's Cognizant after 13 years" published in the Dated 14/05/2016.

"That's a great news and will be much exciting for Infy people if it becomes real.

Infosys people are becoming more smart and competent recently and their sincere efforts have become fruitful.

It is a team effort as a whole and should not be credited to Sikka's account alone.

People at Cognizant ( a small portion of them) have become somewhat overconfident and let things go on their own way, which must be a reason for their downgrade. Further, it is a very vast organisation and full supervision is not possible at all levels."

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