Sunday, 23 October 2016

A Comment on the launching of India's regional flights at Rs.2500 per hour fare

My Comment on an article "India's first regional flight at Rs.2500 per hour fare may take off next year" published in the Dated 23/10/2016.

"I don't consider this scheme to be any great thing. 

There have been many occasions, which are still practiced by many airlines, who charged Rs.2,500 or even a bit less amount for Hyd to Bangalore or Hyd to Chennai travel and vice-versa. So, this is not any new thing. 

Further, it will not make travel easy or affordable to a common man for many other facts.

One has to spend 3 or 4 hours extra to reach the airports at the starting point and at the destination point and, he incurs at least Rs.1,000 towards cab or auto charges for the purpose."

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