Friday, 17 February 2017

A Comment on the proposed Bill in Lok Sabha to restrict marriage spend

My Comment on an article "No more extravagant weddings? Bill in Lok Sabha seeks cap on guests" published in the Dated 15/02/2017. 

"An excellent idea. If it gets passed and implemented, a lot of wastage of money may be saved as many people do not like contributing or sharing their wealth with the poor people. They would rather loose crores in gambling but do not like donating even a small amount to the poor. So, they will definitely think twice before lavish spending. 

According to the proposal of this Bill, people should not spend more than Rs 5 lakh for marriages. If they persist to spend more, then, they should contribute 10% of the excess spending to a welfare fund to be used for the benefit of the poor classes of society.

The main purpose of the bill is to discourage wastage of money on lavish spending and divert that amount for the overall benefit of the economy."

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