Wednesday, 31 May 2017

A Comment on Population of China and India

My Comment on an article "At 1.32 billion, India's population may have overtaken China's" published in the Dated 26/05/2017.

"The above article is based on a report published in The Guardian quoting statements of a Chinese Academic, Yi Fuxian, who claims that Chinese population has been overestimated by 90 million and the actual population as in 2016 would not be more than 1.29 billion." 

"But, we have always been taught through established sources that China is the most populated country in the world and India stands next to it with a wide gap. 

Both India and China adapted to family planning measures and so any decrease in China's growth rate must be corresponding to the decrease in growth rate of India also. Therefore, the statements in this article cannot be accepted. Further, it is base only on the assumptions of one Chinese academic and not proved yet.

We may assume that in a far off future, our population may exceed China's population if China becomes more strict in this issue of population control and if India does not take proper steps."

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