Sunday, 27 October 2013

A comment on article titled "Chanakya's View: Tender of Age and Mind"

Mr. Pavan K.Varma beautifully presented his viewpoint regarding the need for a cut out age level for retirement at any fields of administration in his article titled " Tender of Age and Mind " published in the english daily Deccan Chronicle dated 27/10/2013 on their editorial page.

My comments:
It is really a need of the hour for our senior politicians to make way for younger generations voluntarily.

Nearly two thirds of our country's population is below the age of 40 years at present. So we have a lot of potential talent among our younger generation. Their talent may not be visible to us as they have not been given any chance to exhibit their skills. Further, our tradition and heritage is such that we do not like to displease our elders by taking the reins from their hands as we give much respect to their age and emotional values. So naturally we keep aside and get content by following them until as long as they themselves handover the reins in our hands.

So our seniors must think of this and after attaining a certain age they should willingly handover the charge to juniors. There may be chances that juniors may feel some problem in handling the matters. But unless we take chances and give them power, how can they learn and be able to show off their talents?

A very good article by Mr.Pavan K. Varma. You can read the article in Deccan Chronicle dated 27/10/2013 on page no.10

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