Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Further comments on Nido Tania's death

A Comment by a frustrated reader on the article "Nido Tania died to injuries on his head" and my reply to him. 

Comment by reader Biplop Indian (Delhi):
So, what is the basis of the India’s social order? It is the caste law. I am born for the caste; I live for the caste….Born in the caste, the whole life must be lived according to caste regulation. In the other words, in the present-day language…the Western man is born individualistic, while the Hindu is socialistic-entirely socialistic…, So, I have no voice in my marriage, or my sister. It is the caste that determines all that. We are married sometimes as children. Why? Because the caste says, if they have to be married anyway without their consent, it is better that they are married early….You may say, “Oh, they lose a great deal of enjoyment-those exquisite emotions of a man falling in love with a woman, and a woman falling in love with a man….”But the Hindu says, “We are socialistic. For the sake of one man’s or one women’s exquisite pleasure, we don’t want to load misery on hundreds of others”. Vivekananda's saying.

My Reply to him:
It seems you are frustrated and oppressed by your family and caste. You need not live a forced life. you are at liberty to chose among options. Do not be negative in your thoughts and feelings. Try to see positively and you have ample scope to determine your life among available options. But you must be rational and not flown by emotions.

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