Sunday, 4 May 2014

A comment on decreasing social and moral values of humanity

I have come across a discussion on the issue of Digvijay Singh's affair with young TV anchor Amrita Rai published in the Deccan Chronicle (Hyderabad Edition) dated 04/05/2014 on their page 2.

I would like to express my views here.

I do not find fault with the above mentioned people here. But am speaking of our society as a whole.

Our Indian age old culture is to respect moral and ethical values as well as human values of entire society. Whenever we think, speak or act all our responses should be based on a principle of maintaining our own culture and heritage. We should be a good example and guide for our children and neighbours. We should respect our family values and should be a pride for our parents and elders. We should not do whatever we think is good as per our modern mixed cultured environment. We should think from our heart and be able to see good and bad for our family and society. Selfishness and emotions should not overtake us. We should be able to control our feelings and emotions for the sake of maintaining good manners for a healthy society.

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