Wednesday, 17 June 2015

A Comment on Live worms found by a techie in Nestle Cerelac Baby Food

My Comment on an article "Live worms found in Nestle Cerelac baby food in Coimbatore" published in Dated 16/06/2015.

"Pests and worms are those which one can not avoid however he may take care and precautions. They do not need prior notice to enter. Since child hood we find them at all places. In food grains, pulses, vegetables and virtually anything that you may come across. So how long can one avoid them?

Moreover, how can you find fault with somebody for these things entering your zone?

How long can you sue them? Don't you know how our previous generations spent their lives? They had to clean every grain or every piece of pulses before cooking. It is only now that you get clean packed items. 

Even now we come across worms in vegetables and fruits. Do we sue the seller? It is not possible nor reasonable to do so. We can't blame them for all these things. Nobody has control over these creatures. Only you can demand an exchange of the item with a new pack."

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