Tuesday, 16 June 2015

A Comment on Nestle India's loss due to Maggi row

My Comment on an article '10,000 trucks, 6 cement plants to destroy 27,000 tonnes of Maggi noodles" published in livemint.com on 15/06/2015. 

"Very pitiable condition of Nestle India. The maggi noodles revelations have cost a huge unbearable loss to them.

Imagine noodles of about 27,000 tonnes worth Rs.320 crores being recalled from 3.5 million retail outlets in 10,000 trucks and then crushed in at least 6 cement plants to be burnt out in incinerators(kilns with long, high pipes for emitting gases into atmosphere) at high temperatures. 

The cost of hiring trucks, wages, hiring cement plants all these are extra. Add to it the damage caused to their 100 year old brand image and loss in shares, retrenchment of staff and other consequences that may follow."

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