Sunday, 17 January 2016

A comment on Aadhaar ID benefits and mobile phone availability to weaker sections

My comment on an article "Aadhaar ID saving Indian government about $1 billion per annum: World Bank" published in news dated 14/01/2016 

"It's a real fact that Aadhaar number has created wonders. 

The direct subsidy transfer is a good tool in controlling mishandling of funds as also in saving a lot of time. Digitalisation can help smooth flow of transactions without any tension and save both time and money. 

But, it needs that every person should own a mobile phone. It is an obligation on the part of government also to make sure that every person among weaker sections of economy also possesses mobile phone to reach to their services. Those who may not afford to buy one should be provided with free mobile phones along with the knowledge how to operate them."

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