Sunday, 17 January 2016

A Comment on odd-even rule and its positive impact on traffic management and productivity

My Comment on an article "The odd-even rule may have failed at pollution control, but scored in traffic management" published in the news dated 10/01/2016.

"It is a good start if it resulted in lesser traffic jams. 

Even though the main purpose of odd-even vehicle movement rule was to control pollution, traffic jams are also a grave concern for public and for providers of essential services. 

Lives of serious patients could be lost due to traffic jams. Further, time spent in traffic jams is a wastage of most of the productive time of people. Manpower gets lost in traffic jams and results in unfinished projects as much of the time was already lost and you can't complete your work by deadlines. 

Furthermore, there is the mental torture that you suffer at traffic jams. It also affects your performance. You can't be so much productive as that which you could have performed with a fresh mind. 

So, it has been a good scheme launched by Arvind Kejriwal and it should be continued and also followed by other cities and metros in all corners of India."

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