Monday, 19 November 2012

A Comment on Ram Jethmalani's Comment on "Rama Was A Bad Husband"

A comment on Ram Jethmalani's comment in the Times of India edition dated 

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''Yes, indeed he was correct in saying that Rama was a bad husband because he put her to test of Agnipariksha and even after that he abandoned her to her fate. It was only due to Lav and Kush that he happens to meet her again and pleads for her return. But Sita does not return and ends her avatar. But simply because that Rama was not a good husband, you can't deny his divinity. He was a moral and example for purity and goodness. He cared for his father, mothers, brothers, his subjects and for his people always. You must know that he has taken avatar for the destruction of demons and for establishing peaceful and pleasant life to the mankind.''

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