Monday, 19 November 2012

James Anderson's Remark on Sachin Tendulkar and My Comment

My comment on a comment of cricket player James Anderson's remark on Sachin Tendulkar in the Times of India edition dated 13/11/2012 

The Times Of India
Dear Reader,
Your comment on the article ''Don't treat Sachin Tendulkar with too much respect: James Anderson'' is now displayed on

''James Anderson's remark is some what not warranted for. Saying that he does not have too much respect for Sachin Tendulkar is some what offensive language. He should not have quoted this. What is the need for him to say that he doesn't have too much respect. Who asked him whether he had too much respect or not? Such remarks only denigrate the person commenting and show some what of inferiority complex.''

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and keep up the good work!
Team TOI

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