Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Another Comment on Why We Need To Remember God

My further comment on an article in Speaking Tree Blog dated 18/11/2012 at 12 pm

Venkat Acharya  posted a response on the article Why We Need To Remember God
"We can not escape remembering him at any one point of time. Because we are possessing only some limited capacities and can not face all situations. Life is a very long journey full of ups and downs. When there are ups you forget God and think every thing is the fruit of your endeavour. But whenever you face downfalls you want some one to turn to. First you will turn to your father, mother,kin or friends for help. But when no body is able to solve your problem, you find no other solution but turn to God and request his help. But why don't you do this in the beginning itself. Why don't you remember God whenever you go to perform your duties? When we have have ultimately no other solution but God, it is better we experience his need and presence at the beginning itself."

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