Saturday, 1 December 2012

A Comment On the Norway " Child Abuse Case- Indian Couple Charged

Your comment on the article ''Norway 'child abuse' case: Indian couple charged'' is now displayed on  dated 01/12/2012

My comment:
''Actual reasons for the ill treatment of their child is not clear from this report. We must know the details in deep. A simple threat to send him back to India or punishing for his deeds should not entitle V.Chandrasekhar and his wife Anupama to imprisonment. It is reported that he has been wetting pants and stealing toys from school which are bad acts and requires to be punished. How can police interact in such matters? If children do mistakes, they should be punished and guided not to do such things again. Every parent is entitled to do so and it is their duty. So it is not fair to arrest them. Our Government should take up the matter seriously and get immediate release of them. If, at all they want to deal it as an offence committed by parents they may issue some warning to the parents to deal children softly, nothing more than that.''

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