Saturday, 22 December 2012

A Comment On People Committing Suicide

Your comment on the article ''Singer Nithyasree Mahadevan's husband commits suicide by jumping into river in Chennai'' is now displayed on dated 22/12/2012 at 4:10 pm.

My Comment:
''Why do people commit suicide, I don't know. Why do they become so senseless and emotional? When they are tense, they should seek some help and consolance from their most dear and nearer. They should not stay alone. They should not take any action spontaneously. They should try to control their emotions and build strength to face the circumstances. Suicidal instinct is cowardice. Further, life is not your sole property to give it up whenever you want. It is the property of the family you live in. It is inter linked with your family members. Loss of your life can be a great blow on their existence. So people should think of their beloveds before they get such ideas.''

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