Thursday, 6 December 2012

A Comment On the Superb performance of the roles of Police Officers by Our Movie Actors and TV Actors

My Comment on an article in the Deccan Chronicle's Hyderabad Chronicle dated 06/12/2012 titled "Aamir a better cop than Salman".

It is real that Aamir khan depicts the police roles very magnificiently. His roles bring dignity to the police uniform and a better image for the profession. In the same manner, if one witnesses, the role of ofM.Sagar as Mumbai D.G. and his previous role as ACP in the Telugu serial in Gemini tv serials at 8:30 pm (mogalirekulu ), you will be very much moved by his acting. His acting in that esteemed position of police profession is very marvelous and needs to be commended by the police department as a whole. Really his action brings prestige and honour to the posts of ACP and DG.

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