Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A Comment on limiting free water to 660 litres per day per connection

Your comment on the article ''AAP delivers on water promise, but bills to rise for big consumers'' is now displayed on timesofindia.com Dated 31/12/2013 at 11:20 am.

''660 litres of water should be much enough for any family with 6 members. It will be 33 buckets of water of 20 ltr. each.

If you consume 4 buckets for washing clothes, 4 buckets for dishwashing and 2 buckets for drinking and 3 buckets for cooking, etc., you are left with 20 buckets for bathing and other toilet purposes which should be enough for you.

So, I think, one should not use more than 660 litres per day at any cost. If anybody consumes more, it is wastage of water which is precious for our life.

So Arvind Kejriwal has done good by limiting free water supply to 20 kilo litres per month. It is good decision taken by him and is to be commended for this. So it is not bad; if anybody consumes more, it will be like a punishment to him to pay for the full water.''

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