Friday, 27 December 2013

A Comment on "Poke Me: Manmohan Singh has little to take credit for 10 years being PM

Some comments published on an article in the Economic Times Dated 26/12/2013 & 27/12/2013

My Comment:

He is the most humble and silent Prime Minister of any decades.

BRV Shanbhag replied:

his silence has brought him down, most inactive in taking decisions where needed most.

My reply:

I agree. But we should not come to conclusions. When we sit in his chair, then only can we know his limitations and problems. He is such a wise man with great financial and foreign affairs knowledge. But was unable to do anything. Better thing would have been if he did not prefer to sit in that chair. He has only tarnished his image by accepting the seat. Other wise, he is a great person.

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