Friday, 27 December 2013

Further Comments on AAP and CNG price rise

Some Comments on AAP and CNG price rise published in the Economic Times dated 27/12/2013 by some reader and my replies to him.

tell me why AAP not to be blamed????

My Reply:
How do you say CNG price rise is because of AAP politics? AAP is not in government. It will take powers on 28/12/2013. Another point is AAP was trying to stop the price rise. It will now take up the matter with center after formation of government. It already is promising to deal with the matter and restore the prices.

This is why prise rose. a prior signal that incompetence govt coming. 700 ltr free water and 50% power tariff cut is not solution to aam admi. AAP has no political base knowledge to manage the state.AAP does not have any new political agenda other hand as an activist anna did lokpal/anti-corruption.

My Reply:
First, let us give AAP some time and see what they do. After that, we will have a lot of time discuss or blame them. But till then, wait and see.

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